New Here?

Welcome home!  You've come to the right place. Elim is a relevant, vibrant, Christ-centered church.  We love God.  We love people.  And we're here to encourage you and support you in your faith journey. 

When are your services?

Our Sunday services are at 9:00am and 10:45am. Both services run for around an hour and 15 mins.  We run Kids Church during the 10:45am service.  We are not running an evening service at the moment.
EY (Elim Youth) runs most Friday nights at 6:30pm.  Check our facebook page for the latest service updates.

Where are you?  How do I get there?

We're at 11 Heriot Drive, Elsdon, Porirua.  On the corner of Lyttelton Avenue and Heriot Drive.  Just down the road from Bunnings, just up from the lights, over the road from the Arena.  Here's a map.

What do I wear?

We dress smart casual.  No need for a suit or a tie (but you are welcome to wear them if you like).  Come as you are.  We're interested in making friends with you, not with your clothes.

What are the services like?

Our services are contemporary, up beat, positive, relevant, non-threatening, helpful.  We normally go for around an hour and half.  We spend some time singing worship songs, we might have an item, someone will let us know what's coming up or we'll watch what we call 'ETV' (our own Elim TV news), we listen to a talk based on the Bible that's relevant to our lives, we take an offering to help pay for the bills, and we have a cuppa together during the service.  We have our own (real) coffee machine and a real barrista.  So come early, or hang around after the service, and grab a coffee.  (We also serve free instant coffee and tea as well.)

What if I can't sing?

Who cares?  Some of us can.  Some of us can't, but we still love being involved.

Will I have to do anything?

No.  You can come and 'check us out' with no obligations and no expectations.  We make a general welcome to visitors during the service, because you are important to us, but we promise we won't ask you to stand up, say anything or do anything.  We are friendly though - so you might have to say hello to a few people.

Will I have to give money?

No, there is no obligation on you at all.  Being a church though, we do depend on the generosity of people to keep us going.  We'd love it if you did decide to contribute, but you aren't expected to.  We don't expect our guests and visitors to pay.  We do encourage our church family to carry the financial load together.  It's easy when we all help out. And we happen to believe that being generous (to God and others) is the path to prospering.  But we won't pressure you.

What about the kids?

We are a family friendly church.  We love kids.  We have lots of young families.  We have a creche and Kids Church that operate during our Sunday morning service.  Come early and meet our awesome Kid's leaders and Youth leaders - they'll help your young people settle in so that you can enjoy the service and make some new friends.

Do I have to know anyone to come?

No, not at all.  But we know you'll make some new friends when you're here and you'll find someone like you pretty quickly.  Then, when you come again, you will know someone.

Can I come by myself?

Yes, absolutely. Just rock up.  Our services start on time, so come early and find a seat in the auditorium.

Will I be pressured into making a decision or 'getting saved'?

We don't force anyone to do anything, or to believe anything.  We will, however, present to you, with all of our conviction, what we believe God wants for you.  Sometimes this might get in your face and be challenging.  But we think that's a good thing.  Some of the most important decisions you can make in life are not necessarily the decisions you want to make.  (Ask someone whose house burnt down who didn't want to buy insurance.)  But when you understand why the decision is so important, then you can make up your own mind.  So: we'll encourage you and challenge you and give you lots of opportunities to make great decisions that will help you in life, but at the end of the day, you are always in control of what you do or don't do.

What do you believe?

The most important thing we believe is that God loves us. That changes everything.

The second most important thing we believe is that you are important - to God and to us.  God loves you and wants to help you live your best life.

There are a lot of other things we believe.  Some of the distinctive things we believe (our Statement of Faith) can be found at

What is your vision?

Our vision is to see every person saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving.

How are you structured and organised?

We have a group of pastors, who lead the church and preach and teach, and look after us.

The Senior Pastor is accountable to the leadership team, to a group of Elders and Trustees, and to the Elim National Leadership Team of the Elim Churches of New Zealand.

We have ministry leaders who run ministries and teams of people who run and deliver the ministeries of the church.

We believe that the church is a body, and that everyone is important in making the church work the way it should.  We're organised to get things done, but no one is 'more important than the other': we are all important and we all depend on each other.

Do you have church membership?

Not as strictly as some other churches do.  We tend to find that if people decide to commit themselves to the church as their church, then they begin to contribute financially.  You can do this by requesting a giving number.  If you hang around for a little while, you'll find out how we define membership.  To be a member means that you are committed to attending, you are in relationship with some people in the church, you encourage others to come, you help out financially and practically, and you honour the leadership.

What if I don't agree with what you teach?

We are all open to learning.  We will listen to you. But if it is a matter of belief you might be better to find a church that does align with what you believe.  We have some Biblical convictions that we believe are non-negotiables.

Can I talk to a Pastor?

Yes, absolutely.  You can request an appointment by ringing the office on 237 0451, of by going to our Contact Us page and leaving a message, or by asking one of our leaders or helpers at church.  We'd love to meet you and talk with you.

Can someone pray for me?

Yes, absolutely.  You can request prayer by ringing the office on 237 0451, or by going to our Contact Us page and leaving a message.  Or come to a service and come for prayer at the end of the service.